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Professional Optometrist Serving Hanover & Surrounding Areas

At Optical Gallery in Hanover, we are committed to helping you maintain optimal eye health. That is why our office relies on state-of-the-art technology for diagnosis and eye exams. The ability to catch small issues efficiently allows us to assist you now rather than when it is too late. Dr. J. Richard Samuell, B.Sc. O.D., our professional optometrist is available for on-site eye exams. Give us a call to  schedule your eye exam today.

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Dr. Richard Samuell, B.Sc. O.D.

Dr. Richard Samuell, B.Sc. O.D., is a licensed health professional who is trained to assess the eye and the visual system and their sensory and ocular motor disorders and dysfunctions, as well as to diagnose refractive disorders. Dr. Samuell is regulated by the College of Optometrists of Ontario. Since graduating from the University of Waterloo School of Optometry in 2002, he has worked at the school as a clinical supervisor, along with serving on the College of Optometrists' Ethics and Quality Assurance committees.



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