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Lens Coatings
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Lens Coatings for Eye Glasses in Hanover

Along with offering a wide variety of prescription eye glasses and contact lenses in Hanover, Optical Gallery is also dedicated to matching your unique eye care needs with a large selection of eyeglass lens coatings. We're constantly striving to provide you with premium products to improve your vision and help you look and feel your best. Contact us for more information about our products and services.


Anti-Reflective Coating

An anti-reflective coating can improve your vision and the appearance of your lenses. The benefit of coating is due to the elimination of light reflection. The coating allows light to pass through the lens rather than bouncing reflection into the lens, resulting in clearer vision and no distracting glare; the coating also makes the lenses look virtually clear and attractive. This coating can also aid with night vision while driving and provide greater comfort during prolonged computer use.


Blue Tec 

As the widespread use of smart phones & tablets increases, people are exposed to more blue light today than ever. Blue Tec Lenses are designed to reduce eye strain, eye fatigue, enhance contrast and depth perception. Also helping with Night Vision. 

Blue Tec Lenses mimic natural lens yellow-brown pigments to filter energy high blue and ultra violet wavelength. Since is confirming that blue light at night stimulates alertness and diminishes feelings of drosiness, interfering with sleep. 



Transitions® lenses can adapt to your surroundings, changing easily from a clear shade in an indoor space to a darker shade in a bright and sunny outdoor space. They have photochromic molecules which are stimulated by the UV rays of the sun, and can give the lens the ability to take on a variety of different shades. These lenses are completely UVA/UVB protected, and they're terrific for both adults and children. You can get them in an extensive range of frames and styles.



Especially helpful for boaters, fishermen and truck drivers, polarized sunglasses lessen the glare reflected from water, snow or vehicle chrome, as well as from long and flat surfaces. With a distinct filter to stop the reflection of light at a horizontal point, they provide better comfort and increased visibility. Thanks to polarization, anyone now, can see the "one that got away."

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